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  • The features of the BIC-pen More images

    With the Bich Cristal ballpoint, your are choosing the best and best-selling ballpoint all over the world. At the time of writing, Bic in het kleinste detail57 pieces per second are finding their way to a satisfied customer.

    This mobile piece of ingeniousness is the first of it's kind and has never been equaled. As Baron Marcel Bich stripped his name by removing the 'H' so he stripped the pen until remained this purely functional product. Beauty through simplicity. Bic in even the smallest detail.'

    The Bic Cristal ballpoint is designed for optimal use and widely respected for it's quality, affordability and convenience. When purchasing, the Bic Cristal ballpoint comes with a 110-pages counting manual in a handy blister package.

  • The design of the BIC-pen More images

    The Bic Cristal ballpoint fulfills your needs as customer. The pen is gemaakt designed around the ball, which is the heart of the pen. This ball is also reflected in the logo. This logo represents a schoolboy with his head replaced by the pen's ball. It's designed by the well-known graphic designer Ramond Savignac.

    The modern translucent hexagonal designed barrel ensures optimal writing-comfort and optimal grip. It also shows you accurate the amount of ink left in the reservoir. The blue cap which includes the clip, together with the stopper on the back, indicates the color of the ink.

    The Bic Cristal ballpoint is also a safe choice. The soft blue polypropylene cap not only protects the balpens ball, the ventilation opening on top also protects you, in case of accidentally swallowing.

  • Using the BIC-pen More images

    The Bic Cristal ballpoint is easy to use. The pen is designed for both left- and right handers. Due to the small size and low weight of 5.8 grams, the pen is extremely portable. It's usage is almost in accordance with the well known pencil.

    Therefore the pen itself should be clamped between thumb and forefinger. From here, head the pen towards the to be written surface. This surface needs to be slightly rough and ink absorbent, like for example the most papers. The ink is waterproof and dries quickly. This will be highly appreciated by left handers in particular.

    The main advantage of the Bic Cristal ballpoint compared to the fountain pen is that it does not leak. The Bic Cristal ballpoint also produces a constant line, the filling lasts long and it's extremely suitable for carbon paper.

  • Try the bic now!

    To draw a line, it's enough to press the Bic Cristal ballpoint slightly on the to be written surface. Then, still pressing, move your hand in one direction. You'll notice it's quite easy. We give you the opportunity to experiment with the great possibilities the Bic Cristal ballpoint you offers.

    You may have noticed it's quite easy to influence the intensity of the line, by pressing the Bic Cristal less or more. A result which can't be produced with the ordinary fountain pen.

    Because of the tungsten carbide ball, used for the construction, the Bic Cristal ballpoint gives the somehow characteristic slightly nervous 'ballpoint line'.

  • Specifications BIC-pen More images

    The main part of the Bic Cristal ballpoint is the extremely hard 1 mm wide, 7.7 milligrams tungsten carbide ball.

    The ball rotates about 8 times per inch and leaves behind 3.81 micrograms of ink. The same ink also provides the lubrication of the ball in the cupper holder.

    The structure of the tungsten carbide ball (T-ball) consists of 50.000 polished surfaces and pits. These pits also have a structure. These structure provides ink absorption. So the redundant ink which isn't left behind on the paper, remains in the surface structure of the ball and won't be pushed off by the ballholder. For detailed specifications consult the manual which comes with each Bic Cristal ballpoint.

  • BIC-pen warranty More images

    The Bic Cristal ballpoint is designed to deliver a huge performance. The Bic Cristal ballpoint lasts 1,25 till 1,85 miles. The tungsten carbide ball rotates 197352 times a mile. This equates to a 493381 times in a whole Bic life (based on 1.5 miles line). When experiencing problems in an early stage, a free replacement copy will be sent.

    Before using the Bic Cristal ballpoint please read the entire instruction manual carefully. This to become familiar with the product, avoiding improper use, poor writing or even accidents. If you want to claim the 'Bic Cristal Care' we refer to the terms of conditions in the Bic Cristal ballpoint manual.

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